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Build your company offshore, avail our formation services in Dubai today

Conventional business structures provide a sense of familiarity, both to the owner and the target market. In a sense, a business that operates within the same landscape as its competitors can compete on a level playing field. However, in terms of advantages, one of the most profitable business structures today is the offshore company.

Benefits enjoyed by offshore companies

Essentially, offshore companies are entities that are structured to operate outside the countries where they are registered. By doing this, offshore companies, otherwise known as international business companies (IBC), can take advantage of a myriad of legal, financial, and taxation benefits.

In Dubai, this type of corporate structure can exempt a company from taxation measures that commonly apply to conventional businesses. The operational costs of such structured entities are typically less than that of others, and there is no need to register the board of shareholders and directors, entailing more privacy.

Furthermore, unlike other corporate structures, offshore company formation involves a quicker incorporation process, which translates to less downtime and reduced setup costs. Foreign investors can enjoy complete ownership of their business, without requiring partnership with a local sponsor, while being able to avail legal asset protection. If you want to set up business as an IBC, avail the complete host of support solutions for offshore company formation in Dubai from Venture Alliance today.

The full continuum of support services from the premiere name in business setup

Venture Alliance can provide you with a comprehensive range of solutions that can assist and expedite the formation of your IBC today. We have setup experts who can expertly navigate the bureaucratic process in order to ensure that the formation process proceeds as quickly as possible.

Our in-house specialists will see to the processing of applications, licenses, Visas, and other vital documents to spare you from the gruelling grind of the setup.

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